Why You Want Marble and Granite Floors and Why You Don't

05 Jan

Aside from wood, marble and granite prove to be popular materials for flooring. Rich people usually go for these two for their expensive houses. People are then attracted to these materials so their homes can also exude that luxurious feel. But that's not all that they offer. They are not only designed to look good, they have other advantages, too.

Marble and granite have that elegant look

Either marble or granite will look absolutely wonderful on your kitchen floor or on any other part of your home. Guests will undoubtedly admire your aesthetic choice. They are also perfect for when you always want to feel luxurious even when you're in your jammies.

They are easy to clean

Both marble and granite need to be cared for regularly, that's a given. What's great about these materials in particular is how easy it is to clean. You just need to get a broom and sweep the dirt, or a wet mop and clean the stain away.

Marble and granite floors can endure a lot of abuse

Aside from being incredibly beautiful, marble and granite floors are also popular because of their durability. If you want to get the most out of your investment, get the premium grade whichever of the two you're getting for your floors. You won't need to worry about stomping around your house as these can normally withstand pressure. They are also water-resistant as long as the contractor takes care of the application of sealer.

But with advantages come disadvantages. Flooring materials don't revolve around these two. Make sure you take these into account before you make a decision on your precious home.

You need professionals to do the installation

Only professionals must touch and even attempt to install these types of materials onto your homes. If you want to maximize the look and durability of these materials, you have to make sure that the contractor knows the requirements of each one. Only entrust these materials to a reputable  marble flooring services installation contractor with a good track record.

Not for those operating within a tight budget

Every house doesn't have marble flooring simply because it is a costly material. Granite is cheaper, but it is still not cheap enough for those wanting to save and those with a tight budget.

Both types of flooring are heavy

You must specifically state that you want marble and granite floors miami when designing your home so that their weight can be taken into account. If it's not properly constructed for heavy flooring, the added weight on upper floors may be hazardous as it can buckle.

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